Quality, environment and safety

The integrated management system of Ultra-Brag

The integrated management system (IMS) of Ultra-Brag combines all the concepts, methods and instruments to guarantee adherence to all requirements of the following areas:

  • Product and process quality
  • Environmental protection
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Feeding stuff and food safety
  • Safe handling of organic products

This level of integration ensures the combining of resources and utilisation of synergistic effects, thereby contributing to the profit of all stakeholders.

Occupational health and safety

The safety system of Ultra-Brag

In a company where over one hundred people work daily with machinery, crane systems, ships, hazardous goods, silos, etc. there are obviously numerous risks that demand a meticulous safety system.

As a logistics company, Ultra-Brag is certified to standard OHSAS 18001.

Environmental protection

Since 1925, Ultra-Brag has focussed solely on inland water navigation and thus the environmentally friendliest of all continental transportation routes. Every ounce of cargo that we transport on water for our clients reduces the burden on road and rail traffic while having a positive impact on overall emissions and noise levels.

For us, environmental protection means:

  • Sustainable and efficient use of energy
  • Avoidance of waste creation and its disposal/recycling
  • Avoidance and reduction of dust and pollutant emissions
  • Avoidance and reduction of noise emissions

Ultra-Brag is one of the first Swiss companies to certify its environmental system to ISO 14001.