Vision and Guiding Principles


As the number one in the Port of Switzerland and the partner of choice for our clients, we offer an efficient transportation and logistics service package.

Our guiding principles

Our clients can rely on us.

As the number one in the Port of Switzerland, we are characterised by our problem-solving abilities, specialist knowledge and skills, local presence, a strong team, application-specific solutions and top quality order processing.

We understand the demands of our clients and want them to be successful. Client needs are analysed and bespoke service products developed during personal meetings with our specialists. Our clients thus receive value added benefits through logistics solutions tailored to their business needs.

Your cargoes are in safe hands with us.

We deliver our handling, storage and logistics services through state-of-the-art facilities at three sites at the Port of Switzerland.

We never lose sight of our responsibility towards the valuable items entrusted to us, energy resources and the environment. A high level of performance and maximum flexibility allows us to meet the needs of our clients 24/7.

We are proud of our employees.

We are a strong team and employ a fully qualified workforce that guarantees extensive, client-based services by being able to act on its own initiative and responsibility.Employees are the key asset of any business. We promote employees and apprentices through a variety of targeted methods and support the development of their knowledge and skills.

Our employees are encouraged to grow within a team and to achieve their long-term career ambitions at ULTRA-BRAG. We foster shared values and are true to our word. Personal responsibility, loyalty, trust, communication and appreciation towards the individual shape our relationships and interactions with each other. We attach great importance to the safety of our employees.

We secure our future.

A drive for constant improvement is at the heart of our work. By securing profitability in the long term, we want to guarantee that ULTRA-BRAG remains an attractive partner for our clients, employees, shareholders and investors, suppliers and the general public.

Our quality policy


The needs of our clients are at the front of our thinking and actions. They are the driving force for our cutting-edge services that guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, strengthen our competitiveness and enable the overall economic success of the company.

Management system

To ensure our goals and commitments as well as the many requirements of our stakeholders are embedded in our work processes, the management has decided to implement an integrated management system.

The management commitment

The management has undertaken to systematically apply, further develop and document the management system. The appropriateness and adequateness of the quality policy is assessed annually and, if necessary, adjusted.

Scope of application

The scope of the integrated management system at Ultra-Brag incorporates all temporary and permanent employees of Ultra-Brag AG who perform transportation, handling and storage activities at the three terminal sites at the Auhafen port, in Birsfelden and in Basel, the external storage area in Pratteln as well as on the two ships Aargau and Bern.


The management ensures the provision of sufficient and appropriate resources to implement the quality policy and to achieve the quality goals. In addition to a state-of-the-art and secure infrastructure, this also includes, above all, an ample number of suitable employees who are trained and qualified accordingly to perform the assigned tasks.


Through the regulations specified in the management system, Ultra-Brag ensures that its actions and business activities meet all the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

Risk management

An economic enterprise is never free of risks. We therefore want to comprehensively and systematically determine the risks arising from our activities and processes and to control them through preventive measures.

Continuous improvement

The management has set itself the objective of building a constant culture of improvement within the company. This includes systematically exposing internal and external opportunities for improvement and implementing the correct improvement measures.

Further development of our employees

Continuous improvement also includes ensuring employees are systematically trained and developed to meet the business needs of today and the future.


Correct implementation of our management activities is checked and certified by external certification bodies. This also gives our clients more security and certainty that by choosing Ultra-Brag they have a reliable and true partner on their side.

Our environmental policy

Since 1925, the natural transportation route of water has been the key economic driver of our company. Accordingly, we have a significant emotional connection to the River Rhine and all other navigable waterways. Through increasingly frequent periods of low and high water levels, we feel the effects of climate change directly and regretfully. We therefore make our contribution to environmental sustainability to guarantee a basis for prosperity and vitality for future generations.

Ultra-Brag undertakes to protect the environment through

  • the sustainable use of natural resources,
  • the sustainable performance of all business activities and
  • the prevention or minimisation of environmental impacts.

Our occupational health and safety policy

A port with ships as well as handling and conveying systems provides exposure to many significant risks to the health of those employed therein. Ensuring the well-being of our employees through the highest level of workplace safety and the long-term protection of their health at work is at the core of our business.

Ultra-Brag undertakes to prevent injury and illness occurring in stakeholders by ensuring

  • a safe infrastructure, consisting of buildings, vehicles, machines and tools, via a systematic maintenance and renewal process.
  • real prevention through extensive hazard and risk determination and the implementation of preventive measures.
  • the effective organisation of emergency planning in the event of accidents and irregularities.